Monday, May 25, 2009

Busboys and Poets

[Editor's Note: This blog is not about that - but since my 10 year high school reunion is just around the corner, there will be blogging on the subject of back in the day very soon [and more pictures to come, too!] and so here is yours truly 10 years ago [almost to the day!] on my way to prom. Yes, those are dragons on my dress and I loved them. Almost as much as I loved the lacy lingerieish piece I picked up at a consignment shop to compliment the dragons. I loved the outfit so much that I wore it to two different proms [in my defense they were in two different states - though that still doesn't account for the fascination with dragons at prom [I won't even begin discussing the necklace I wore as a tiara]. James is my date. He was my boyfriend for most of my senior year [and very nice bloke, he was!]]

Ello. It's been a while.


It's the same old story. I don't know where to start. I had 4 blogs in my head 2 weeks ago, the day after I wrote my last blog, but then finals blew up in my face and I didn't get a chance to write any of them. I feel especially bad about one in particular - the overview of the Mobilization to End Poverty, because I told people I was going to blog about it and I hate going back on my word.

Double sigh. Since then, I've forgotten 2 of the 4 blogs I wanted to write and thought of at least 6 more. So, you can see my dilemma. Where the heck do I start?

Hmm. Well, a promise is a promise, and I think I'll keep my promise. But not tonight. I usually try to cram all of the blogs I've been meaning to write into one horrendously long one and I don't really feel like doing that today [I know - thank God, right?]. The other blog I do remember was this: a poem.

I'm diving back into the world of spoken word. I performed at the Montgomery College Poetry Slam a couple of weeks ago. And - I wrote a new poem! I'd been struggling with a nasty bout of writer's block in the poetry realm, so it felt really good to get something fresh down on paper.

I put it out on the world of Facebook, but my mom reads this blog [thanks mom] and she doesn't have a Facebook account [and I figure there may be 2 or 3 other people left in the world who don't either], soooo, here it is: [Word of Caution [for lack of a better word] - It's a little . . . erm, provocative. And it's very "stream of consciousness". It makes a lot more sense when performed live. Also, after I finished, a very nice young man approached me with [I think] the intention of witnessing to me . . .]

A(d)dictionary Christian

I love you. And, I love Jesus.
Are you still listening, or did I lose you?

It's okay, I understand.

This is a poem about a girl embarrassed to be called a Christian because she knows what they're like.

This week has brought me to my knees.

I'm crying . . . inside.

She's dying! Hospitalized.
She won't tell me why

Full of small talk and fake smiles.

I meant what I said! I did,
I love you.
I'm not supposed to.

I'm supposed to judge you

And propose how much you need a dose of Good Old Fashioned "Family Values",

Whatever that means.

Squash out the Bad Dreams

Christians are people, too.

They just don't act like it . . .

What does it mean to REALLY live?

To really give ALL of yourself?
To really Love?
Let's you And I Suck the marrow out of life, shall we?
Like, just Dive In, and GET IT.

My spirit told the funniest joke the other day,
Something about Life and Depth . . .
Get it?

He's hilarious!

Oh! You have an iPhone, too!
I want to get one! But I'm afraid that it will invade my brain and turn it into cat chow.

So, obviously,
I'm putting off buying one, for now.

We are a nation of McDonaldization.

The radio station plays my Favorite song.

My two year old just loves it!
You may have heard it.
It's called the "Stanky Legg".
It's a really good song.

Stifling Creativity

Trifling, She's Kidding Me

Tight Hold, Me Pivoting

Let's go the OTHER way.

This one is
way too safe!

Let's . . . end poverty.

I think it'll be fun.

Let's forget about getting skinny and just give our food to hungry people. (:

Let's boycott Starbucks!

No wait! Forget I said that -

My friend just bought me a gift card.

This here is the tale of my inconsistent journey to be . . . consistent.

Man, everybody's going to freak out when the Christians go to hell.

There's an open mic night every Tuesday at this place in DC called Busboys and Poets. I think I'm going to venture out there and work up the nerve to perform. If you want to come with me, let me know and we'll make a night of it!

So, um, usually I begin my blog by picking a title and letting that title dictate the direction of the blog. I did it the other way around, and I rather like it the second way. I didn't know this was the blog inside of me that was most itching to get out, and had I chosen the title [which I thought was going to be More Random Musings], I might have never known.

That is all. Thank you, and good night.