Thursday, August 27, 2009

National pimp your husband day [Extended Version]

It's like one of those carpet sales. It just keeps going and going and going. Or is that the Energizer Bunny?

Anyhow. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, then you should check out the blog I wrote last night.

No big fancy words this time. I thought about copying and pasting the other blog onto this one. But seemed like a waste creative juices. I decided to make a fun picture design blog instead.

Here's a gander at the good stuff of Jermaine [my faves]:

***Baby Oil [Bedtime Version] -- this may be my ultimate favorite - but then again, I'm a sucker for the provocative and tricky. c(:***

***An inconvenient truth . . . [SO cute and horrible and funny!]***

Air when you need us [Welcome to the future of funny]

Furious George [he made this to rep our church Olympic team - we won best dressed!]

I think this is our friend, Amie's, favorite. Actually, it kind of reminds me of her.

THIS ONE IS UP FOR JUDGING AT THREADLESS RIGHT NOW!! Go here and give it a FIVE!! If it gets printed - he'll win $5000 big ones!

I wish wish wish he had more writing samples up online. But, he does have this - he's a total slogan master. Here is some of his best stuff:

"I found God; now I get to hide."

"The road less traveled by is littered with lost poets."

"Bears don't eat porridge; they eat nosy little girls."

"Careful, I learned martial arts from a rat in a bath robe."

"Family comes first. But nothing comes before aardvark."

"I suspect kickboxing was originally just called cheating."

"I don't hold a grudge. I throw it like a deadly spear."

I have an open door policy. Also, I can't find my stereo."

Aaand [Drum roll, please] - THIS one got printed! :)

"Friends actually let friends do lots of stupid things."

You can check 'em all out here. :) And if you can email him at

Happy pimping!