Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5th Cyberspace Poetry Slam for Brigid

I just happened upon this today and immediately became excited to participate. I didn't like poetry until, in Ms. V's creative writing class in 10th grade, I found out I was good at it. Or at least some people seemed to think I was. Who knows if they were right, but, regardless, I'm thankful, because it has fueled a particular part of my creative spirit that I can't seem to get at with prose.

I wrote this in that class:

Mother Nature's Plea

i scream
i cry
i hurt
and wail

you stand there laughing
hurling things upon me

you are asked if you love me
and you're reply is always 'yes'

yet you stomp on and burn the very skin of my face.

i love you with all my heart
but i can't go on this way

you are destroying me
and in turn, will destroy yourself

and so, it is you, not me,
i plead you learn to love


And another violent metaphor written in the midst of teenage angst . . .

The Burn of Cigarettes

You want me not, you like me not,
you hate me, yet, you need me.
Without me, you are worthless,
I help you live, I help you be
alive, awake, aware of things,
no matter what the cost.
I am your god, you are my slave,
to you, I am the boss.
No matter what I do to you,
I am the one you'll love.
I hit you, smack you, wear you down,
I still, though, rule above.
You know you need to leave me,
but you can't and it's so funny.
You give me everything you have,
your love, your health, your money.
Now, you've given me everything,
for you, there's nothing in return.
And if you don't get out real soon,
you're going to crash and burn.


I don't love either one of them now. But I cherish them because they marked the beginning of a life-long love of poetry. Here's one last poem, written almost a year ago - I think it may be one of my favorites. For now anyway. :)

A(d)dictionary Christian

I love you. And, I love Jesus.
Are you still listening, or did I lose you?

It's okay, I understand.

This is a poem about a girl embarrassed to be called a Christian because she knows what they're like.

This week has brought me to my knees.

I'm crying . . . inside.

She's dying! Hospitalized.
She won't tell me why

Full of small talk and fake smiles.

I meant what I said! I did,
I love you.
I'm not supposed to.

I'm supposed to judge you

And propose how much you need a dose of Good Old Fashioned "Family Values",

Whatever that means.

Squash out the Bad Dreams

Christians are people, too.

They just don't act like it . . .

What does it mean to REALLY live?

To really give ALL of yourself?
To really Love?
Let's you And I Suck the marrow out of life, shall we?
Like, just Dive In, and GET IT.

My spirit told the funniest joke the other day,
Something about Life and Depth . . .
Get it?

He's hilarious!

Oh! You have an iPhone, too!
I want to get one! But I'm afraid that it will invade my brain and turn it into cat chow.

So, obviously,
I'm putting off buying one, for now.

We are a nation of McDonaldization.

The radio station plays my Favorite song.

My two year old just loves it!
You may have heard it.
It's called the "Stanky Legg".
It's a really good song.

Stifling Creativity

Trifling, She's Kidding Me

Tight Hold, Me Pivoting

Let's go the OTHER way.

This one is
way too safe!

Let's . . . end poverty.

I think it'll be fun.

Let's forget about getting skinny and just give our food to hungry people. (:

Let's boycott Starbucks!

No wait! Forget I said that -

My friend just bought me a gift card.

This here is the tale of my inconsistent journey to be . . . consistent.

Man, everybody's going to freak out when the Christians go to hell.