Monday, March 8, 2010


Hi lovely people! It's waaay past my bedtime, so I don't have time (or energy) for a huge blog (thank God, right?) but I wanted to throw some updates at you so you'd at least have an idea of what's going on and why the blogging hiatus.

First off - I'll be returning to Blogger World very shortly. I guess you could say I already have. I took a break to recuperate from last semester. But now I'm back and I'm ready to paaaar-tay. I know. That's lame. Whatever.

Second off - I'm going to San Francisco this Saturday! It's an Alternative Spring Break trip through the University of Maryland. We'll be focusing on the Justice System - visiting Alcatraz and San Quentin, going to middle schools and high schools to talk to kids in gangs, and learning prison prevention programs and community-based service alternatives to jail. Among other things. We may even get to go on a ride along in a police car! Wowsers. Don't tell my mom. Unless you're reading this and you are my mom. In which case I love you and I promise not to do anything stupid. ;)

I'll be blogging about the trip on here and also here.

Third off - the Bible blog is coming back soon! I'm working out the details - and it's definitely taking longer than I thought it would. But, God willing, I'm going to finish!

Fourth off - It's National Women's Month! Sadie has to research a well known woman to research and she picked Zana Briski, author of Born In Brothels! Oh goodness, between that and the fact that she sleeps straight through her alarm every morning - she is sooo her mother's daughter.

Fifth and LAST - I might be going to INDIA this summer for two weeks! Holy manoly, right?? Details to come - if I get accepted into the program. Don't want to count my chickens, you know?

Okay. I lied. One more thing. I'm trying to get published. It's been a goal of mine for forever. And I'm torn between floundering in the magazine world - hoping to make my way or just flat out writing a book. Or maybe working on both. See, I can't decide. Except, I barely have time to squeeze one more thing into my schedule. I really really really want to set aside some time for writing everyday. I've tried a dozen times. I never follow through. Gosh, I guess it's time to pray.