Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pimping People

It's not what you think.

Er, I mean, I guess I don't know what you think, so I suppose it could be.


Dot, dot, dot.


Surprise, surprise, I'm in a random mood again. Thought I'd attempt to put it to good use by name-dropping [wonderful, ordinary people] and showing off some good God stuff.

My 2pm class got canceled today. I used the extra time to peruse interesting reads online that I do not usually have time to browse. Decided it might be fun to share with you [both of you].

But before we get started: Random Tidbit About Me Time [one of the drawbacks of reading this blog]: I realized today that when I'm in class and the professor is not making much sense [to me] and it all seems a bit foggy, I always have this strange urge to paint my face. Or well, mark my face - usually with thick black crosses on my cheeks and one large charcoal line down the middle of my forehead and nose. Oh dear. It sounds much stranger on paper than it does in my head. I don't know if this makes it any better, but I have not yet acted on these urges.

Anyhoo. If you still want to listen to my opinion after that confession [or the same thing mysteriously happens to you, too] then feel free to keep reading. If not, I understand. I promise I won't cry too much after you leave.

First up, The Discipleship Dojo. My friend, James-Michael's blog about the real Saint Patrick caught my eye. It's fascinating. Although I am a little embarrassed that I had no knowledge of him whatsoever. If you're in the same boat, I'll let JM fill you in.

I follow three different blogs; CRCC Lenten Devotions, The Creative Year and the Not For Sale Campaign Blog. All are, in my humble opinion, noteworthy.

CRCC [Cedar Ridge Community Church] Lenten Devotions is a short term blog that is running through the Lenten season [am I supposed to capitalize the word Lenten?]. Each day there is a new [surprise] devotion. I don't do them everyday [I wish I did] but I find the ones I do to be quite refreshing.

My good friend, Daniel started The Creative Year in January as an outlet for his excessive [and wonderful] creativity. Each day brings something fresh and new [and pleasing to mine eyes]. He has acquired quite a following and I am a little jealous [because, of course, I struggle with horrible bouts of jealousy], but he is so freaking talented that I cannot hold it against him [that and I think his wife, Amie, is the absolute Bee's Knees].

I just began following the Not For Sale Blog today. Mostly to stay abreast [what a wonderful word!]. Not For Sale is an organization you may have already heard me drone on about. David Batstone started it [and wrote a fabulous book that carries the same name]. Another noteworthy note: they are doing this thing called The Investigator Certification Academy this summer. It's two intensive weeks of training to become an abolitionist investigator. I REALLY REALLY want to go. I told J about it. He thinks I'm nuts. He's probably right. It costs, like, $1000. And it's in San Francisco. So I'm sure that number doesn't include airfare. Sigh. I'm praying. If you would pray, too, that would be lovely. If this is something God wants me to do, then pray that he meets the financial need to make it happen. If it's not, then pray that he channels the abolitionist passion he's given me into something equally as wonderful.

Something else that caught my eye - a new article from Radiant Magazine. It's about the importance of sticking with your local congregation. I am just about to leave a church that I have called home for the past three years. I wholeheartedly think it's a good God thing for us to leave. But, this article raises some uncomfortable questions and I love to be uncomfortable. This situation is a bit personal and still a little raw so I don't feel that it's appropriate to discuss it at length on this blog, but if you know me and the situation and want to dive into a theological discussion from questions raised from the article, then, you know, get at me, dawg.

I have a few other wonderful bloggerific friends on my "Blogs I Love" section. But they haven't updated their blogs in a while so I will silently pout and hope that they get the message [ahem: ANDREA, MEGHAN & JESS]. I mean, I know you guys are insanely busy, but, I don't care - I LOVE READING YOUR BLOGS!

Okay. That's quite enough type yelling for one blog. And I've been at this computer station so long that the librarians are starting to glare at me a little.

Happy Thursday!


Jess said...

i will update soon. i promise. i keep meaning to, really.

but now i wish i'd done it yesterday when i meant to so that i could have been pimped out, too. :(

Anonymous said...

My favourite line from your post today, "But, this article raises some uncomfortable questions and I love to be uncomfortable."

That, I think, is the epitome of being clay in the potter's hands. You are so open to have God work in you, even on the hard stuff.

Also, I think you are the Cat's Pajamas.