Monday, April 13, 2009

Peter's Journal: Sunday and Monday

My worst nightmare has turned into the best dream I could have never imagined!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love!

What kind of God is this I serve? What kind of God conceives of such a magnificent and terrifying plan of redemption?

I saw Him!! I actually SAW Jesus! He's alive! He's bloody alive!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to do with this information - except to shout and sing and laugh and cry and dance a jig.

He forgave me! He did! After all I did, He still calls me His beloved follower.

He asked me if I loved Him. He asked so many times. I guess that's understandable, considering the way I behaved. I said I did, and He said, "Feed my sheep."

I am so ready to do that! I am so ready to love and forgive the way I have received those things! I am so ready to get up every day for the rest of my life and think, 'what can I do for the kingdom of God today?'

I feel like I could explode! Haha! I'm so happy! I'm so thankful! This plan - honestly, I don't understand every bit of it. But I know, deep down in my bones, that if Jesus can conquer death, then ANYTHING is possible. Anything!!

I look around - everywhere I look, stuff is absolutely
shining! Everything has this amazing new Jesus-luster. It's so beautiful. So, so beautiful.

I didn't get it! None of us did. He told us - he did - several times! We were so oblivious. I kind of wish I had been the one to have gotten it, but only a little. I'm sort of relishing in this humble joy-filled state He's put me in.

Oh! What a glorious, wonderful, spectacular day! Oh! What glorious, wonderful spectacular days to come! He said [or rather eluded to the fact] that I may have to die a horrible death. You know what? I don't care!! Haha, I don't care! He conquers ALL! He does! And He'll be with me, through it all - even if I can't see Him - I'll know He's there - loving me, forgiving my foolish mistakes.

Oh, praise God for Jesus! Oh praise God!

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