Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random musings

I'm about to watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network. In recent weeks I've really fallen for Bobby Flay. I just want to eat his cooking.

I haven't eaten dinner yet. It's 11pm. I have eaten two bowls of ice cream, tho.

Our wireless keyboard broke and I'm typing on a dwarfed version. It's awkward.

Jermaine just brought home a boatload of bread and a Cornish hen from his mom's house. It's looks like a whole miniature chicken and it's all tied up. It's freaking me out.

My kid's about to go away for a week [tomorrow] and then she's going to be gone for a month [two weeks from tomorrow]. Been doing some hyperventilating about it. That seems about right.

She's been kinda bad lately. She broke my bike, ruined a pillow, took a key and grabbed the burning incense and walked around with it to "get the smell all over the house".

I've been toying with a poem for about a week. This is all I've got so far:

I feel gutted. Cut open.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

I reread my last couple blogs. They seem wordy and long winded. That makes me sad.

Jermaine is annoyed that I'm freaked out by the Cornish hen. But he's being quite wonderful by pulling off some of the meat and putting on a separate plate so it looks less like a skinned animal.

We've been watching the Food Network for the past couple hours. We're really hungry.

I love my dad. He's awesome.

I'm trying to blog everyday. I'm thinking after this one, you might not want me to.

This is my attempt at dry humor. I don't think it's working.

We just ate the hen. Supremely yummy. Jermaine says I'm the only one that says "yummy" these days. And that he appreciates that. But I heard Giada say it. I love her, too. I want invite her over for coffee and chat about life.

There's a chance I watch the Food Network channel too much.

We went on a fantastical nature walk today. Breathtaking. Good God stuff. Jermaine took these pictures.

Happy third week in June.


AbominableAmie said...

I loved the pictures.

Also, I just learned to add pics to my blog.

Blogging consistently is infinitely more difficult than I imagined.

: )

Tiffany said...

You can never watch too much Food Network (although this is coming from someone who DVRs episodes of Good Eats and Ace of Cakes, so take my opinion with a grain of salt :) ).

brandyglows said...

Amie: Thanks! The one is the very beginning of a labryinth. It makes me very happy. And yay for you!

Tiff: I think I concur even if you are a FN addict. It's really good stuff!

Andrea said...

Did I ever tell you the story about my dad and cornish hen? He told Casey that we had a special part put on our microwave that would shrink a chicken or turkey into something small for just two people, hence the cornish hen....she believed him...

brandyglows said...

HAHAHA! That's so mean. (:

brandyglows said...

But I could see myself believing him too . . .