Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lots and Lots

[Editor's Note: I just took the exam to become an aerobics intructor. The first two pictures are Sadie, covered in stickers, helping me remember my bones and muscles [another brilliant idea from Jess]. The last picture is Sadie's very scary flower fairy Halloween costume.]

I'm busy. I'm really really busy. There is a lot going on in the next few days and weeks. I need to stay focused and not waste time.

But, I really want to share some of the events of the past week. And, I really really wanted to share the correlating pictures.

So, I'm gonna. And I'm going to try not to dawdle. So I can soon return to the huge pile of homework that's sitting next to the computer waiting for me.

Where to start? Hmm, well, I broke my fast. Ugh. On Halloween. Jermaine and I bought Mcdonalds. I tried to pretend that it was okay because he really wanted it [and it was not me egging us on [as it usually is] even though it was still my idea]. But, a couple days later I bought Pizza Hut. Then later I "forgot" to pack my lunch for school and so I bought a tuna melt. And then a couple days after that I did it again and bought Chick-Fil-A.


Now, part of the buying was because I wasn't sure how to proceed after breaking the fast. Do I just continue? Stop and recommit? Forget it completely and go back to my normal life of buying too much stuff [my bank account can't handle that option]?

I didn't know what to do, but as you can see, it kept escalating.

And then my friend Jess asked a question that I deemed brilliant [she termed it "silly", but I think she's pretty silly herself]. She asked, "Have you prayed and repented?"



And so I did.

And now, a couple days later, I think I have a working answer. I think God does want me to recommit. I also think I may need to redefine. And that list will be more thoughtful and less spontaneous than the last.

Yay God.

There is more, but I've decided to stop there and get back to the grind.

Wish me luck.


brandyglows said...

Testing. Testing. One, two.

Anonymous said...

: )

Hm. I broke my fast a few times too. There was a book for sale at the library. 50 cents. I thought as I handed the lady my two quarters... "oops. Should I be doing this?" But it was too late and I did it.

Then a few weeks later there was a Thrift store going out of business. Everything was 75% off. It was my heaven. I bought under $5 worth of stuff. But still, I didn't need any of it.

Did I repent? I think so. I definitely didn't let those slips ups get me too off course.

I, too, need to buckle down and not eat out AT ALL. I am so bad. I love food. I love hot, prepared-by-someone-else-food that I can get in under 5 minutes. : /

I'll pray for you and you for me.



leanna jackson said...

aw, your daughter's costume is precious!!

and i hope the fast thing works out for you. fasting is rough. the last really hardcore one i did was a media fast for lent. i didn't think i was going to make it.