Monday, July 6, 2009

Short and Bittersweet

My eyes are tired from crying. And from being tired. I said goodbye to Sadie yesterday morning. It's going to be a long month. I'm trying desperately to enjoy it, tho - I mean, July is, like, one of the best months in the whole year! I don't want to inadequately appreciate the blessed summer fun. But it's hard to be home. So far away from her.

I've resolved to work on my blogging. The Bible blog is coming up very soon. Details to follow shortly. I pray that God gives me the discipline to write everyday [even if it's not a blog]. My friend Amie gave me the sweetest compliment today regarding my poetic skills and it filled my heart with joy. There is this conviction deep down in my gut that I need to be writing more. So, daggone it, I'd better get to it.

But not tonight. This is brief. Short and bittersweet.

Sadie quote of the day: "Is it raining or did I just spit on myself?"


Abigail said...

When I saw the title, at first I thought this was the blog about me--because I'm short and odd--haha. Anyway, you are in my thoughts and prayers this month. Call anytime! I'd love to hear from you! LOVE!

AbominableAmie said...

Abi! Your comment made me Laugh Out Loud! : ) : ) Brandy, I'll pray for you doubly this month. I'm sorry it's hard to be away from Sadie-girl.