Sunday, September 21, 2008

Supposed To.

I was supposed to read the first volume of Jane Austen's Emma for my Women's Lit class tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to check the syllabus until this evening, so . . . yeah. That's not going to happen. I made it through the first 3 chapters [there are about 15]. The pages of the book are filled with big words and tiny print. I like it enough, but it is not what I would call an easy read.

Twilight, however, is. And because it is so I've made it more than halfway through the book in less than two days. I was very satisfied with myself for doing so until I sourly realized all of the homework I'd so irresponsibly left undone. Besides the book, I have nothing short of fifty pages to read for another class and 20 more in a third. And this is just for Monday, I have yet to begin the hundreds of pages of catch-up reading that I couldn't do until last Monday [when I was able to get my books] and then didn't do after that.

I shouldn't complain. I know it's my own doing. And I don't mind the reading, rather, I enjoy it. But being that it is still so early in the semester and my classes are reading intensive [and sometimes not much else] I lack the penalties [for now] to make me motivated.

My hope [and prayer] is that I get on with the reading [regardless of what I want to do] and catch up before the unpleasant consequence of any large test.

I think Ms. Austen and Ms. Meyer are affecting my writing [in a rather random and regal way].

I know it doesn't really go with the tone of this blog, but I wanted to post some cheerleading pictures of Sadie.

She's just so darn cute.

One more thing, before I retire [lame, but fitting this current mood], my last few entries have been very "me-centered." This is more of a mental note to myself, to write about the needs of someone besides me.

Okay. Two more things. Jermaine found this Fabulous site called It's seriously very helpful in the fight against the almighty pound[s]. You can keep track of your intake, your activities, your moods. You can plan a goal weight and date and it will calculate exactly how many calories you need to eat [or not eat] to lose it in that time frame. You can keep a journal, customize foods [and nearly everything else], and it breaks down all the difficult to keep track of stuff [vitamins, nutrients, carbs, protein, fat, etc.]. Very cool. Definitely a thumbs up.

Goood stuff.



Andrea said...

Mrs. Meyer, she's a married mommy of three boys! Maybe that's why I like her so much :) Put down the book and do your homework young lady! But how you could put that book down halfway done, I'll never know. :)

brandyglows said...

I said "Ms." It's ambiguous. Ms. was invented because women were miffed that one could tell their relational status just by listening to how another is addressed. Mr. Smartypants didn't have to deal with that, they argued, and it wasn't fair. Thus, Ms. was born.

brandyglows said...

I meant to say "how another addresses them." Whateve. I'm not sure that makes any more sense.

And you know what I mean. :P

Jess said...

oh, b. you crack me up.

i love you!

Anonymous said...

Go to a lovely coffee shop and DON'T BRING TWILIGHT! That's what I had to do when I had lots of required reading to do but just wanted to read for fun! : )

I love your new blog name by the way!

Amie. : )