Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2:11 AM

Sigh. I promised you a blog a day and here it is Wednesday and I should be on my fourth blog. Instead, I am only on my second. Well, actually this is my third, but my second one wasn't very good so I threw it away.

Okay, technically it's Thursday morning at 2:11am but I started this on Wednesday and I haven't gone to bed yet so it still counts.

Lots of good God things are happening. But I can't seem to satisfactorily report or record them. It's very difficult to do this project justice with only letters, words, and the occasional donut hole.

I do know one thing: I want to savor this experience, to cherish it. I want to make a memory like that one sister did in The Parent Trap when she went about sniffing her dad's cologne [only this will be less weird]. There is so much calm. Everyone who has entered the prayer room seems to have been blessed. And my job consists of welcoming people and praying. It's truly beautiful. I'm learning a lot about myself. And I think I'm beginning to hear God [I'll delve into that later [and bonus - you'll get the concise written version and not have to listen to me stutter and ramble aimlessly for 30 minutes trying to dig out the main point [which I have undoubtedly forgotten by the fifth time I apologize for stuttering and rambling] like some of my dear friends had to do today]].

Though I suppose you could make a very good point that I am rambling a bit right now. I apologize. But at least I can't stutter online.

I would love to go on and on [and on]. It's late, though, and sleep is good.

So, good night. I will try really really hard to blog more tomorrow.

I did get a picture up! More of those to come tomorrow for sure. (:


andrea said...

she smelled her grandfathers coat "tobacco and peppermint"

brandyglows said...

Oh! That's right. Man, you have a memory that just doesn't quit. (: