Thursday, January 8, 2009

Learning Stuff


I haven't been very productive today. Since this is sort of a Sabbath week of reflection and prayer, by "productive" I mean that I barely cracked a book and although I did make it into the prayer room, I fell asleep thirty minutes in. I wonder if there is such a thing as "sleeping in the spirit."

I did play Pretty Pretty Princess with Sadie, though and I helped her practice the play she's performing tomorrow [Goldilocks and the Three Bears [She's Mama Bear [which, I think, is very fitting]]]. I don't suppose it gets much more productive than that.

Just now, I was pleasantly surprised by a sudden surge of bloggerific motivation. That is all fine and good. But sadly my husband just arrived and is now forced to play Rock Band all by his lonesome whilst I get this stuff out of my head.

What have I done today? I'm embarrassed. Food and Facebook. I started a weight loss group.

Yes, that's right folks, I'm at it again. I have to be. I'm quite unhappy with the weight I've allowed myself to put on since I got married. I always swore I would never be one of those wives's [sp? wives'? wive's? wife's?] who let herself go. I don't feel good about my body. So I'm doing something about it [this may have also been inspired by the fact the my 10 year reunion is in like 5 months [wow, I feel so old]].

There are 5 members in the group so far. (: I'm quite giddy about it.

Alright, back to the prayerful essentials. I was pondering earlier today that I may have learned some things from this week. I thought it would be fun to make an impromptu list and see what comes up [I realize that this may not necessarily fit your definition of fun - I'm a bit of a nerd [but I'm okay with that]].

Here goes nothing.

This week I have learned:
  • Sleeping on thincarpet-covered concrete is not as bad as one would think if you're laying beside the man you love
  • Less is more [when it comes to decorating the prayer room] and if I follow that principle in my own home there may be hope for my chaos yet
  • I am blessed with a daughter and a husband that don't complain at all when it comes to sleeping on concrete [sadly, the same cannot be said for their mom/wife]
  • I love it when people cry [after they leave the prayer room [I'm not a brute [can you use the term "brute" to describe a woman?]]]
  • Praying for an hour a day [at least in this context] is wonderfully easy to do
  • I eat too much when I'm by myself and have a lot of time on my hands [ahem, well, I suppose I already knew that]
  • I am capable of keeping someplace [in this case, the church] fairly clean from day to day [of course, my to-do list is extremely minimal]
  • Stouffer's lasagna takes 2 1/2 bloody hours to cook
  • People are much more accepting of a dog living at a church for a week than one might think
  • I love to pray while Jermaine plays guitar
  • I need to learn balance [especially when it comes to money and food]
  • This week I experienced God making a specific crooked path I was meandering on straight [and it felt so good]
  • What's been on my heart [like the fact that I would really like to experience pure joy from God [and though I think I might have before I can't recall it clearly]]
  • Sometimes it's just really good to forget about your to-do list and sit and talk with your Creator
  • People that I thought would be all over this haven't been and those whom I never would have guessed are diving in and finding God
  • I need to pray more about the little things, like my desire to write [and be published], Jermaine and his band, Sadie, and all the other day to day stuff [I put in on my do to list and stress out about it but never actually get around to talking to God]
  • Our galaxy is ridiculously huge [at 35,000 miles per hour it would take us 10,000 years to reach the end of it] and it's one of many!
  • That last bit of information doesn't make me feel as small as I believe it should
Surprise, surprise [for me anyway]. That is all for now. Have a grand old evening.


andrea said...

this one makes me happy :)

Anonymous said...

I have on more than one occasion been unhappily reminded that stouffer's lasagna takes FOREVER to cook! What is up with that?

I love all the pics of the prayer room.

I am going to email you soon. I have some ideas in my head that I want to share with you.


Anonymous said...

Dang, that was me. Forgot to sign. : )


Anonymous said...

Update, por favor.