Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Funny Quotes from the Second Grade Class Picnic

Sadie's class had their end of the year picnic today. Jermaine and I got to help out. We showed up late (shocking, I know) and immediately Sadie's teacher put us in charge of two different centers. Jermaine got Musical Chairs and I got Pictionary.

Whew. What an experience. Every time I hang around children I'm blown away at the things that come out of their mouth. I just had to share. :)

"Yeah, Sadie's pretty cool, but she rolls her eyes sometimes." - Octavia, age 8

"You're Sadie's mom and dad? Uhm, you're not the same color . . ." - Little boy, unknown name

"Sadie and Selah aren't friends anymore." - random child
"Why not?" - Jermaine
"Sadie kicked me!" - Selah
"It was an accident." - Sadie
"What happened?" - Me
"I got so mad at myself I kicked her." - Sadie

"I hate life!" - little boy after failing to guess playing Pictionary
"This isn't life, it's Pictionary." - Madison, age 8

"You! You never answer your phone! I've been calling and calling and calling - trying to talk to Sadie." - Aniss - the little boy who keeps blowing me up


Andrea said...

Kids are awesome!!!

AbominableAmie said...

How am I just now seeing this!! THESE ARE SO GREAT!! I laughed so hard.