Friday, August 13, 2010

Being 29 - Day 2

Let's see, what was interesting about today?

Um, my little brother turns 21! Happy birthday Jeremy!

And I Zumbad. Fun, fun, fun!

There's Asian super grocery store close to where I live, and today I got very excited about the idea of taking Sadie there on a field trip next month. We could make some Asian cuisine and learn while picking up the ingredients. Or I could ask the manager if someone would be willing to give us a tour of the store and tell us about some of the food.

I started reading French Women Don't Get Fat at Borders the other day. And, we have two sets of friends who, on different occasions, introduced Jermaine and I to some of the best French bistros in Maryland. I feel so fortunate to have such good friends. And quite suddenly I've realized that I have a deep love for French food.

Jermaine and I (well, Jermaine, mostly) developed a point system for Sadie to help her get a sense of how well she's behaving. She can get or lose "cool points". It's very effective.

Right now, most of her stuff is still packed up. I'm having her go through it, about a box a day, to determine what she wants to keep here, what she wants to put into storage until we get our own place, and what she's willing to give away. Up until now I have been going through it with her. I mentioned in passing on my way to Zumba that she should do another box. I went downstairs 5 minutes later and she was in her room sorting through a box on her bed. Cool point!

Tomorrow's itinerary includes more Zumba, a bit of yard-saling (to scout out fun homeschool finds) and blackberry picking. I'm excited! Good night.

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Jermaine Walker said...

I'm commenting for Elena, because I know the odds are pretty good that she read this, and I know it would make you feel good if she did.

This sentence is for me. Muah!