Monday, August 23, 2010

Being 29 Today

Being twenty-nine today meant a long hike in the woods with some really amazing friends. It meant three hours of seemingly wasted time spent in front of a computer screen attempting to figure out how to truly break in to the freelance writing world. It meant coming to the eventual conclusion that, though the hours seemed unfruitful (I didn't get any queries out like I'd hoped), my research granted me valuable insight into a mysterious industry.
Priscilla is too cute. And she's so hardcore! See that pack she's got on? Yeah. She's hiking with her baby on her back.

Being twenty--nine today meant laughing until my sides hurt. It meant telling stories and getting to listen to the stories of others (Nicki tells the best stories!). It meant creating a new story, too. It meant having a heart to heart and resolving a conflict that has been eating away at my insides for a while. It meant biting into a yummy Chipotle burrito. It meant lovingly putting lotion on my poor little girl's eczema before kissing her goodnight.
Brandon is just so confident.

Being twenty-nine tomorrow means starting training at my new job. It'll also, more than likely, mean having dinner with some dear friends with whom we don't spend nearly enough time.

Yes, indeed. It is good to be twenty-nine.

I don't know why the pictures came out so grainy. Boo. Heh, Priscilla is so exhausted she's loopy.
We took another to try again. This time I came out looking silly. Cross-eyed and intense.

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Priscilla said...

It was a great day. Thanks for inviting us along...I was pretty delusional by the end. Let's do it again next week:) This time I will take your advice and use store bought cookie dough.