Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th

31 Days of Jesus - Day 8 - The gift of Surprise!

Ugh. Sorry to get this out so late. One of those days, you know? Had a major paper due today. Got up at 4:30am. There was a car on fire on I495 on my way to school this morning. I tried to research it earlier but was unsuccessful. I just found this link that reports the driver made it out okay, thanks to a good Samaritan. That's definitely a relief!

I figured out what I wanted to do for Day 8. However, I was going to change it because I didn't get a chance to actually do the exercise. But then - out of the blue - my friend, Jess, [without even the slightest clue] did it for me!

I wanted to propose we all give a surprise gift. Something homemade to someone unsuspecting - maybe even someone we're on the outs with. I'm not on the outs with Jess, but she did surprise me! She ended up with a gift subscription to the Food Network magazine and for some reason [or God*] she decided to offer it to me!

I know it's late, so you're probably not planning on jumping up from your computer right this minute to go and surprise someone. But if you get a chance, maybe you can do it tomorrow. I can honestly say, the subscription made my day - especially since I feel like I'm up to my ears with stress. It felt really good that she thought of me. :)

Thanks Jess!

*not to say it was God's plan to give me more stuff [I mean, maybe it was - he is the God of getting lots and lots of crap**, right?] - no, no, no - I was suggesting that God may have been helping out with this blog [because, of course, he's also the God of bloggerific fun].

**NOT to say the Food Network magazine is crap! No, no, no.

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