Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th

31 Days of Jesus: Day 9 - Whirlwind.

I would have gotten this out earlier, but I was having a moral dilemma. I had a really rough day today so I went on YouTube to watch a Nooma video. I'm a bit of a sermon geek and Nooma videos are like bite-sized sermons. I had a feeling God would lead me to something I needed to hear.

And, boy, did he!

I ended up watching Whirlwind, which centers around the story of Job from the Bible - a wealthy man who loses everything - his stuff, his health and his kids. His wife advises him to curse God and die [awesome]. His friends come over and engage him in this lengthy debate - essentially, why do bad things happen to good people??

Then God shows up. And God has some questions, too - and they cut deep - they are sassy yet compassionate, sarcastic yet full of love. And most of the Nooma video is Rob [Bell] spouting out God's questions from the book of Job. I had no idea they went on that long! Verse after verse after verse. The questions comforted and disturbed me deep down in my soul. It was a bit like drinking a most delicious drink that is just a little too hot to be consumed. It really helped me make it through this difficult day.

I wanted so badly to share the video with you! I didn't know if it would affect you the same way [and it would be totally okay if it didn't], but I felt this burning to desire to pass this on.

There was just one minor problem . . . the Nooma videos on YouTube are pirated. Thus, the moral dilemma. It's like stealing a Bible from a hotel. Okay, well, it's not exactly like that. But, although I could have uploaded them onto Blogger [as I've done before], it just didn't seem right.

So, I did what any of you would have done in my situation. I googled it. I found a discussion on Facebook about the pirated YouTube videos, and, in that same discussion, an answer to my problem! Apparently at, you can get a ticket to watch one free Nooma video per day! And, you can also buy tickets for those who can't afford to buy the movies. I think it's a really sweet idea!

Day 9 has truly been a whirlwind for me. Instead of uploading the video - I'm going to encourage to you go and pick out a video that speaks to you. They even have two of his tours uploaded on there! I have them both - and I think they're pretty nifty.

Okay. I'm so done. Good night cyberworld.

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