Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Attempting to throw together a blog

I have a cold and I'm whiny and I'm feeling uninspired. But, I'm trying to keep this blog interesting. I've discovered after three separate attempts, writing about being sick is just not fun to read.

So, I will move on. 

Let's see, what is more interesting than being sick? I could post pictures!

Sweet app that Sadie likes!
Um, I don't know. She's at a water fountain. She made a star person out of bendaroos.
I'm not really sure how to narrate this.
Barnes and Noble had this event where you read 8 books and bring the sheet into the store . . . 
And you get to pick a free book! This is the one she chose.
We saw this at the bookstore. She LOVES Legos,
but was nervous about making this
because it's "recommended for ages 12+".
I told her that with our ages combined,
we're plenty old enough to figure it out.
Okay. That was a little better than writing about my cough, right? Not much, but hopefully you'll cut me a little slack since I am sick.

I wish I could get more creative, but it turns out, this is all I've got at the moment. Thanks for reading. 

No, seriously, thank you

Don't worry - I can't stay boring forever!

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