Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fascinating People

I'm in a poetic sort of place.
I want to tell you a story.
My story.
In a rhythmatic sort of way.
And make up words.
Because I can.
Because I can't be bothered with rules
Right now.

This week I read The War of Art.
Pressfield said,
Among other gems.
That people do drugs
To get to the (their) authentic Self.
That fascinates me.

And, I think
Explains why addicts are
Such interesting people.
Because though the method may be flawed.

The motive is intensely pure and inspiring.

Other people try other ways, too.
We cut.
We starve.
We shop.
We steal.
We smoke.
We consume.

And we condemn.

But if we take a moment to ponder
The motive is intensely pure and inspiring.

We were created for a purpose.
We were not told what it was but instead
We were given the task of hashing it out.

Of fighting to find it.

We cannot be anything we want to be.

I could not be a brain surgeon.
Or a telemarketer.

My hands shake too much.

But if we dare.
If we jump.
We will find that thing which we were made for.
Our hearts will sing the most beautiful song
We have ever heard
And we will need not our coping mechanisms.

Take heart, dear one.
Your vice.
Your pain.
Your crutch.
That thorn you hate makes you

Intensely pure and inspiring.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Oh my. I love you.

And I agree with the statement that we're all trying to find our authentic selves through whatever means necessary. I think the problem comes when the addiction takes over all sense of self and we can't figure out who we are without it.