Thursday, September 2, 2010

First day of seminary!

Okay, I'm exhausted. And I've been imbibing a bit of wine. So I don't feel like writing an essay, buuut, I thought I'd post some fun pictures.

Also - I wanted to share - we officially got approved for an apartment today!!! We move in Sept. 21st. :) Yay!

The following is my day in pictures:

Shhh. Don't wake the sleeping beauties. I had to get up really early. 
I had just arrived at Wesley - and I was fresh, smiley and running late.
On my break. Attempting to execute a cool shot at the fair trade coffee shop at American University (which is right next to Wesley). 
Standing outside in the bright, sunny AU gardens.
Scwinty, funny face.
Bright sun sad face.
The path back to Wesley from AU.
All this was just after my first class! I had four total. And it was a lot. The last one was the hardest. It was difficult to focus because I was so tired. I'm going to work on getting more sleep Wednesday nights. I'm partially thankful/partially sad that it's only one day a week. The atmosphere is vibrant and healthy. It gives me great joy to be there. I wish I could live and breathe and interact more in that environment. But, honestly, it's good for me to be in the other places I have to be right now - and I'm thankful for them, too!

Okay. That's almost all - except to say that Andrea and I will be heading to Forks in just ONE WEEK! Ooh. I think I need to post a Fab for Forks blog soon!

Good night!

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Andrea said...

I'm hopeful you'll enjoy all this school has to offer. You'll be surrounded by people with the same passion as you and I'm so excited for you!!!