Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day of Firsts

I am absolutely spent. I was up until 2am last night finishing my very first seminary paper. And then back up at 5am to get ready for school. Jermaine drove me so that he could have the car, and he went to bed even later than me! As you can probably imagine, the drive to Wesley was a drowsy one. But I was happy - the sun was coming up, I was getting to spend a little extra time with Jermaine and we were actually running early!

A flower from the gorgeous American University Campus.

Well, at first. Then the car died. That was awesome.

Our friend, Priscilla, graciously agreed to come pick us up (to take me the rest of the way to school and to take Sadie and Jermaine home). Such a sweet gal. As she drove me to school, I wondered how I was going to get home tonight. Jermaine suggested I take the bus, but I was stubborn. I've never ridden on a bus before and I was a little afraid.

I made it to my first class, but shortly after that, I hit a wall. I was exhausted. And frustrated. We found out the car was going to cost $800 to fix. It's not even worth that much! On to top it all off, Jermaine is leaving in less than two weeks and I'm panicking a bit. It's just come up so fast.

Around noon I decided that I couldn't make it the rest of the day. With this cop out, I solemnly promised not to miss anymore class. But for today, I sincerely believe it was a good idea to go home.** 

I dragged myself to the Metro. When I got off I began the search of finding the correct bus stop - a task that has always terrified me slightly. It didn't help that there were 8 different ones. I walked a half a mile to mine only to discover that it was the wrong one. I was so sleepy. 

Eventually I found the right number. Unfortunately that particular stop (or was it all of them?) was in the process of being taken over by stink bugs. A few flew on me. I squeaked and flailed. My fellow bus-riders were not amused. It didn't help my cause that I had to ask about fare (I had no idea what forms of payment they took). The total amounted to $1.70 and I was glad I could pay in cash but for some unknown reason I had only dimes and nickels in my purse. I finally scrounged up enough change and sat warily (for fear of stink bugs) waiting for my bus to come.

It was nearly 90 degrees. I was sweaty and exhausted. I know I'm blessed. I know how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to attend seminary, to homeschool my daughter and to write. But at that very moment I didn't feel very fortunate at all. Actually, I felt kind of gross.

Then I got a text. I opened up my phone to see what Jermaine had written (he had sweetly offered to come and wait for me at the other end of my bus destination). I wasn't prepared for this:

"YOU WERE SELECTED FOR THE INDIA TRIP!!!" << (Note the multiple exclamations!)

Holy eff! I almost started to cry! The email was supposed to come yesterday. When it didn't, I thought I hadn't made the cut. I praised God in that bus station, humbled and exuberant.

That was the turning point of the day. The rest has gone just fine. That text guided me - enabling me to put everything in perspective. 

I get to spend two weeks of my life this coming January loving others who need to be loved. I get to teach my daughter about human trafficking (a cause that I care about deeply), and about India, a country that has captured my heart. Details to come, of course.

I need to end this. We don't have internet in our new place yet - we are all at a bookstore right now (Sadie is having free reading time - where she can pick whatever book she wants regardless of the grade level - and she is absolutely loving it). But we need to start walking home. 

Thanks for reading my blog!

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