Thursday, March 13, 2008

27 Dresses [that don't fit yet]

I didn't lose yesterday. I didn't gain, but I didn't lose. It's alright. The cheesecake was worth it.

The part that sucks is that when I lost all that weight I went out and bought some new clothes because my old clothes didn't fit anymore.

Now it's the opposite. I did take a fantasticly difficult step class, though. Good stuff.

Here's where I weigh in [got to make this short so I can get to work].

cheerios 200
coffee 100
cookie 100
orange 50
sandwich, chips and green peppers with hummus 300
half a cookie 50
taco 400
short non-fat mocha 100
chocolate-covered oreo 150
half a chocolate-covered fortune cookie 50
cheesecake 350

total 1850

Wow. Praise God I didn't gain. I hadn't realized how much I ate. Ooh, and Valerie and I went to a private showing of 27 Dresses [The absolute best movie when you are planning a wedding!]. That's where some of the snacks came from.

Happy Friday.