Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Goings On

In honor of Saint Patrick, I am posting some of my greenest photography.

She really has to go to the bathroom.

Mr. PianoMan, your shirt is blinding me.

Surprise, you're on Candid Santa!

"Help, this little man trapped me in this green bubble and that girl won't stop playing her stupid piano to rescue me!"

Okay, this isn't really green. But, it is the back of Questlove's head, and I think that's good enough.

They're half-heartedly chasing a leprechaun.

I finally fit into the shorts! Unfortunately, I also have a tail . . .

My thoughtful Irish pose.

Yeah. No caption necessary.

"Yes, I am up to no good. Too bad I'm so freaking cute, right?"

When you're five, flying and horseback riding are virtually the same thing.

Us after a long day of class skipping and web-surfing.

Yes, kid. This is what talent looks like.

I hope you liked my pictures. I planned on writing an intense blog about going green [environmental damage, global warming, blah, blah, blah], but this is what materialized. I still might [just a warning(;].

Happy St. Patrick's Day [drink green beer].

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