Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Day Seven

Yet another Editor's Note: Written January 10th 2008.

I gained weight on Tuesday. And then again on Wednesday.

It was so depressing because I was trying so hard. And I know this time is crucial. If spring semester is anything like fall semester I am not going to have time to hit the gym everyday. On the plus side, I am taking a a volleyball class 2 days a week [yay!] and that's nothing to sneeze at.

Oh the stresses of planning a wedding [who am I kidding - I love it]. It's hard, but I love the hard stuff. But, sigh, we've only just begun. And there's so much work to do. I am officially a busy beaver [where did that expression come from?] and so let's get down to business [and by business I mean intake].

First off, I had a Niagra amount of water [if that's not a phrase it should be]. Too much to calculate. But it worked. I was down from 141ish to 138.8 this morning [jig for joy].

I started the day off with hot lemon water which helps to clean out your [er, my] system. I like the taste of it. But there's a possibility that it's aquired.

French Vanilla Yogurt 170
Fajita Wrap 300
Coffee [x 2.5] 250
Cookie Dough 200
Actual Cookie 100
Scrambled Eggs 100
Hashbrowns 100
Sausage 160
Red Wine 100

Total 1480

I might be forgetting something. Ohs well.

To get some exercise I went running with Sadie. We happened to run past a playground and she was too tired to run anymore [not too tired to play] so I ran around the playground 52 times. Good times.

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