Friday, March 14, 2008

Two Turn-Tables and an iPhone

I spent $80 on Easter candy today.

Don't judge me.

I've never constructed Easter baskets before [I don't start out small [I'm making six total [my niece, my nephew, my kid, and my best friend's 3 boys]]]. There is a slight chance I went overboard.

We went to the Lancaster Dutch Market [to fill the baskets], one of my new favorite places. The vibe is all pleasant and yummy. Everything is laced with a homemade flavor. They bake their own bread and butcher and grind their own meat. And you can find everything from gummie bears to dairy to fresh flowers.

I love going there because [lately] when I shop at ordinary grocery stores, I find myself taking hours longer than I'd planned reading labels [trying to decipher how the product ended up in my hands [and whether or not the hands of the folks manufacturing it were well cared for]]. Sometimes you just can't tell.

I didn't feel the need to do that in the Market. It's calming to trust the people from whom you purchase [Is that even close to being correct grammar? [I was just kind of making it up]].

Good stuff.

I attended a Power Yoga class today. Every time I enter a yoga studio I am struck by the fact that I am so not zen. This truth doesn't bother me at any other point in my daily life. But put me in a classroom filled with bendy soccer moms and I sweat stress.

First of all, it smells like feet. It's not my feet [I actually take great measures to ensure that my feel smell rosy]. And the music? Come on.

Some of the stress is purely linked to my own, um, unique way of doing business.

Beyonce calms me down. If I want to relieve stress I scream at the top of my lungs and punch something with all my might [thankfully I'm not that strong]. I did that today in fact. But that's another story.

I have to say though, Power Yoga proved itself. My body [still] hurts so good [the instructor said that like four times [can't go around plagiarizing Yoga instructors] Is Yoga supposed to be capitalized? Anybody?

I had the pleasure of listening to the sweet melodious sounds of Zelos [Jermaine's Band] this fine night. They rock dude. Sadie acted as their makeshift photographer.

She rocks, too. She rocked out. Says she really really wants to learn to play the "ki-tar."

Good grief I love that kid.

These pictures were taken with an iPhone [by my 6 year old [in bad light]]. Imagine a pint-size person walking around a coffeehouse bursting with people. Her brow is furrowed as she studies the screen, trying to capture the band in the best possible light.

The coffeehouse I spoke about is formally called Ebenezer's. It's in DC and to get there we had get lost in Connecticut and Massachusetts [and then dissect a frog and feed his carcass to a pack of wild elephants]. Jermaine says he has a very comforting and predictable relationship with the District. He knows that every he comes through she's going to welcome him with an unguided tour that last a minimum of two hours and always leave him running late on an empty gas tank.

But fun was had by all.

Well folks, I believe I should slumber now. Toodles. Sweet dreams.

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andrea said...

shane says ki-tar too..he is learning to play next month...