Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Big Fat Green Wedding

December 15th 2007. We were just minding our own business, celebrating Sadie's sixth birthday. He got down on one knee. I was floored. Everything just got interesting.

And now comes the fun part. The planning commences [yes, I am one of those girls [I have waited my whole life for this].

But . . .

. . . I want to be green! It's not easy. I know. Kermit is so cute, though.

This is probably one of the biggest parties I'll ever throw [thank God]. It's mind-blowing how much damage can be done in an ordinary day, but a day of wedded bliss - oh! My goodness.

I have had plans to do this from the start, but I can't say I have, exactly. I'm about a month into the wedding planning process and some things are set that cannot be changed:

The Church [although the decorations can still be ethical]
The Reception [ditto]
The Food [it's at a hotel - so it's their food - but - I'm going to find out if leftovers can be donated]
The Groom [although in the right light he's a little bit green]
The 20+ people in our wedding party [no comment] and their attire [Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein[check out the groomsmen tux - D-lightful, ay?]

And this is Valerie, one of my lovely bridesmaids rocking the fantablous bridesmaid dress:

In a "the glass is half full" sort of light, there are some things that do glow green:

My dress [wedding consignment - $200]
The black and white cookie favors I'm attempting to make:
Our ethical shaded registry []
Fair Trade flowers
Cloth napkins [hey, every little thing counts]

All aspects of the planning process will be put through a 4-point inspection to discover what glows green and what sinks. I found a really helpful website on this subject [] and will let you know as I find more.

Tips, DIY projects or guffaws are wholeheartedly welcomed.

Oh yeah, the date is set for June 7th 2008. That's less than 3 months, so I'd better get a move on.

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