Sunday, March 16, 2008

Will Blog for Comments

Some of my favorite quotes of the day:

"And you know what color God is?" My 6-year-old inquired shortly after explaining that angels come in all kinds of different colors [blue, green, red, silver, etc.]. The one she encountered had been white [the color, not the skin tone].

"What color?" I asked, genuinely interested.

"Blue. Light Blue."


"French toast is a lot like sex." - Jermaine

No explanation needed, of course.


Brandy: "Did they use correlated aluminum?!"

Jermaine: [big hardy laugh] "See, they know."

Again, pretty self-explanatory.


Tonight I made French toast just like my Grandma used to make [except that I got my recipe from an online resource and it was entitled, "Denny's Style French Toast"[and she never made it for dinner, I don't believe]]. My Grandma never dined at Denny's. I bet corporate America stole her secret recipe.

This is my attempt at interesting photography. How'd I do?

That's Irish butter in the picture. How appropriate.


Jewel made me cry yesterday.

"Please be careful with me. I'm sensitive and I'd like to stay that way."


Pieces of You debuted when I was a teenager. Listening to that album was like visiting a dear old friend. We reminisced about forgotten innocence. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Sadie and I bonded over songs like "Little Sister" and "I'm sensitive." She's the reason I put it on in the first place. She has really sophisticated taste in music [unlike her mom, who usually prefers the melodies of Rihanna and Ms. Aguilera].


I'm in a random mood. This has been a random blog.

I should probably get my kid to bed. Thanks for tuning in.


andrea said...

err..i left the comment yesterday and it's not here..i really would like an explanation on why french toast is like sex, i serve it a lot to my boys and really don't want to corrupt them over a breakfast's not self explantory..explain, i bet it's funny...also not getting the aluminum comment either, man i'm slow this morning...

brandyglows said...

Haha. My apologies. You are not really supposed to get it. I was pointing out the randomness of the comments [like if you walked into the middle of a conversation].

However, for the sake of clarity here is the explanation:

I've made French toast twice now - different both times. I asked him which one he liked better. He told me the one he preferred and then likened it to sex. Even bad sex is still pretty good.

As for the aluminum - well, first of all, I screwed up. It's supposed to be "corrugated." I don't know what aluminum correlates to. But I can't explain it anymore. It was just one of those weird things that sound funny [I think] when said out of context. It's not incredibly funny to begin with. If I break it down the humor will thus be completely zapped.

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